The San Mateo Adult School offers a variety of classes to help you gain new job-ready skills, for to improve the ones you may already have. Our offerings include:

The Electronic Office
This is an open entry. open exit program that gives students to flexibility to arrive and leave on a flexible schedule. The lab is open from 8:30 am through 12:00 noon, and re-opens from 12:30 to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Students have access to a variety of tutorial materials that cover a wide range of skill levels in the most popular of the Microsoft Office Suite 10: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, with additional study materials in QuickBooks. Students work through the tutorials at the own pace with the support of both the instructor and an instructional aide. The Instructor monitors student progress to help students meet their work-related computer skill goals. For more information call 650-558-2100 and ask for Diane. Or write to us at:

College of San Mateo   –   CTE Transitions Articulation Agreement
Starting in Summer 2016, the San Mateo Adult School is offering several CSM cataloged classes in our convenient main campus.  Satisfactory completion of each class will earn you 1.5 college units. Our classes may qualify for Continuing Education Credits as they require the same level of participation as their CSM counterparts.

Flexible Access: Your classroom is accessible Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am until 12:00 noon, and again from 12:30pm until 3:30 pm. Arrive and leave at the times that are convenient to you. For more information call 650-558-2100 and ask for Diane. Or write to us at: The current offerings include the following CSM classes:

  • BUSW 214 Word Processing I Using WORD for Windows
  • BUSW 215 Word Processing II Using WORD for Windows
  • BUSW 415 Spreadsheet I Using Excel for Windows
  • BUSW 416 Spreadsheet II Using Excel for Windows
  • BUS383 Business Presentations I Using PowerPoint for Windows
  • BUS384 Business Presentations II Using PowerPoint for Windows
  • ACTG 144 Quickbooks: Set-Up and Service Business
  • ACTG 145 Quickbooks: Payroll and Merchandising Business

Career Ready 101
The San Mateo Adult School, in corporation with the San Mateo Union High School District, is offer access to the ACT Career Ready 101 Certification. This series on on-line instruction units  that includes a variety of real-world job skills, including resume writing, job search strategies, and strategies for a successful interview. Other business-oriented topics include understand personal finance, research skills, technical terms and jargon, and a brush-up on business-related math skills including measurements, problem solving, and business graphics (charts, graphs, etc.). For more information, write to us at:

Software Specific Classes
The Adult School offers a variety of short-term classes that deal with individual programs in the Microsoft Office Suite. The most common are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. We also offer classes in Computer Troubleshooting, post-production of digital images, and camera-specific classes.For more information, click here.