Message From The Director

It is my great privilege to have been named the new Director of Adult Education at the San Mateo Adult School, SMAS.  The retiring Director, Larry Teshara, leaves behind as his legacy a great school, one which has a stellar reputation as one of the finest Adult Schools in the state.  We have an innovative and talented staff that believes strongly in supporting all students as they learn and grow on their path to meet their career, college and life goals. I know this well, because I have been at this school for over 25 years working as a teacher, coordinator, assistant director and now director.

It is an exciting time in Adult Education. This past year has been one of accelerated change as we have developed new programs and approaches. We are working more closely with our Community College and community based organization partners.  Some highlights of the year include:

  • Students now can earn college credit while studying at SMAS
  • Transition Navigators were hired to develop college and career pathways for individual students
  • Priority Registration at College of San Mateo was held for Adult School students
  • New Career Exploration classes options helped students clarify job possibilities
  • A Student Ambassador program was created for students to develop and practice real-world job skills

And we are just getting started with projects in the works to expand options in mobile learning, design healthcare pathways, and hold  innovative math classes,.

I look forward in future brochures to sharing these new innovations and focusing on stories about the student successes that come from them.

Tim Doyle

Director, San Mateo Adult School