Larry_TesharaMessage from the Director
Computer Literacy is now the fourth “R” in basic education. Whether it is for personal or professional growth, our Electronic Office program has been the place to go to build your skills. Now, thanks to our collaboration with the College of San Mateo, our students are able to earn college credit for coursework completed here. Here are the details.  Larry Teshara, Director

spring-2017-coverCollege Credit Classes at the San Mateo Adult School

The San Mateo Adult School, in cooperation with the College of San Mateo, is offering several CSM approved classes right here on our centrally located main campus on Poplar Avenue. The current offerings include the following eight classes with their CSM Course Titles:

  • BUSW 214 Word Processing I Using WORD for Windows
  • BUSW 215 Word Processing II Using WORD for Windows
  • BUSW 415 Spreadsheet I Using Excel for Windows
  • BUSW 416 Spreadsheet II Using Excel for Windows
  • ACTG 144 Quickbooks: Set-Up and Service Business
  • ACTG 145 Quickbooks: Payroll and Merchandising Business
  • BUS383 Business Presentations I Using PowerPoint for Windows
  • BUS384 Business Presentations II Using PowerPoint for Windows

Satisfactory completion of each class will earn you 1.5 college units. These classes may qualify for Continuing Education Credits, as they require the same level of participation as their CSM counterparts.

You do not have to register at CSM to enroll. Call 650-558-2100 and make an appointment to meet with the instructor at the San Mateo Adult School’s Main Campus at 789 E. Poplar Avenue in San Mateo.