The San Mateo Adult School serves over 8,000 students annually. We are a service of the San Mateo Union High School District to the communities of San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo, and Foster City. We are committed to fulfilling the mandate of Adult Education in California by directing resources to serving those traditionally underserved; especially those disadvantaged economically or academically.

San Mateo Adult School Mission Statement
“The search for knowledge, understanding and growth is continuous. The San Mateo Adult School is the catalyst for student intellectual growth, creativity, and sustained health. We develop skilled workers, strong families, and successful communities by offering opportunities to learn at every stage of adult life.
Schoolwide Student Learning Outcomes
San Mateo Adult School provides opportunities for all students to:

1. Set and meet goals
2. Apply acquired skills
3. Learn independently and collaboratively
4. Communicate effectively
5. Demonstrate respect for others
6. Participate within and contribute to the community

School Policies
Registration & Attendance

Pre-registration by mail, fax, or in person at the Adult School office is required for most courses when stated in course description. In-class registration is accepted only for 50 Plus classes and Modern Office Technology. For  High School  Diploma, Pre-GED or GED prep, see page 4.  A class with low pre-registration may be cancelled prior to the first meeting.

Sample Registration Information:

Section #             Day                    Time                Instructor                     Date                 Location/Room          

019001                      M             12:30 – 3:30 pm              Staff                                  1/18                   SMAS/MER

Eligibility/Priority Enrollment
Adults have priority enrollment privileges in all classes offered by the San Mateo Adult School. Enrollment in some classes (e.g. substantially handicapped) may be restricted. Current high school students may attend only if enrollment is voluntary and occurs in conjunction with parent and high school counselor approval.

Payment – No Refunds
Cash ($20 bills or smaller), money orders and personal checks are accepted. Credit card payment must include signature and expiration date. Visa and MasterCard only. No debit cards. Refunds are ONLY given if a class is cancelled. Credit Memos may be conditionally issued, but NOT for fee-based classes. If a check is returned to us due to insufficient funds, a $20 fee will be assessed. Continuing in the program is contingent upon receiving full and valid payment.

Enrollment Confirmations
No confirmation of enrollment will be sent.
We will return your check if the class you select has already been filled or cancelled. If we are unable to enroll you in the classes you have selected, you will be notified by phone or mail. You may contact the Adult School office to request that you be added to the Call Back List. Only students who have been enrolled in a section will be admitted to the first class meeting. If a listed pre-registration date for a class has passed, call the Adult School office at (650) 558-2100 to check for space availability.

Drops for Non-Attendance
Students will be dropped if they do not attend the first class meeting.

Call Back Lists
Registrants in excess of the class maximum will be notified by mail or phone and their check returned. Their names may be added to a Call Back List if they desire. Office staff will contact students from the Call Back List in the order they are listed if space becomes available, or if there is sufficient interest to offer another class. Call Back Lists are discarded at the end of each registration period.

Textbooks & Materials
Some classes require the purchase of books or other materials. Online classes do not require textbooks because materials are available online. However, some software courses do require you to have the proper software. See your class requirements at ESL classes do not require the purchase of books; however many students prefer to own the books they use in class to use at home. ESL books may be purchased at the SMART Center at 789 E. Poplar Ave., San Mateo.

Attendance Policy Towards Children
Children and infants are not allowed in our Adult Education classes.

Use of the parking facilities is at user’s risk. The San Mateo Union High School District accepts no liability for vandalism, theft or accident.

No Smoking
By state law, smoking is not permitted by anyone   anywhere on any of the campuses of the San Mateo Union High School District.