If you don’t find your question answered here, call 650 – 558 – 2100.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much do classes cost?

The cost varies according to program.

  • ESL:  Free.  This covers all ESL classes plus Distance Learning.
  • High School Diploma:  Free.
  • GED prep classes: Free.  Each GED exam is $35 each, and payment and registration must be done on-line.
  • Career Development, Life Skills, Just for Fun, etc:  Cost varies. Our Modern Office Technology (Electronic Office) class is  free.
  • 50Plus:  Cost varies, based on age.  Please check the webpage.

See the brochure or call 650 – 558 – 2100 for full details

2.  Can I pay the registration fee with a credit card?    Yes. Visa and Master Card only.

3.  Can I start a class anytime?

  • ESL:  No. In general, students new to the ESL program must attend a 2-day orientation and placement meeting.  Call 650 – 558 – 2105 for more information or to make an appointment for registration.
  • High School Diploma:  Yes, provided you first make an appointment with our Academic Advisor and bring with you a copy of your high school transcript.  Call 650 – 558 – 2116 for more information.
  • GED prep classes: No. New students must first attend an orientation meeting and take two placement tests.
  • Career Development, Life Skills, Just for Fun, etc:  Only Modern Office Technology (Electronic Office) has open enrollment. All others has specific starting and ending dates.
  • 50Plus: If there is room, you can join most Fifty Plus classes any time. Guest Passes are available for some classes.