Patty Villar

Patty Villar

SMAS Staff to Help You Find Resources


There are many community resources available to help students. SMAS Staff is always ready to help you find and use them.  Ask your teacher or a staff member for help.



Marina Kravtsova, English Learner Specialist (Registrar)  and Student Council Advisor











Patty Villar and Marina Kravtsova help San Mateo Adult School students find resources.  

Marina is our English Learner Specialist.  She registers students, gives them tours, and connects students with resources.  You can call her at 650 – 558 – 2105 or email her at to make an appointment to meet with her.

We have two Transition Specialists – College & Career Navigators – at San Mateo Adult School.  Patty Villar is the only person on staff at the moment.  We will hire a second Navigator soon.  Navigators help students make the transition from our school to college, career, and community.  Their office is in Room 28.  You can email Patty at to make an appointment to meet with her.


SMC-Connect and the Peninsula Library System are great resources.  If you need help using them, ask a SMAS staff member to help you.

SMC-Connect is an easy to use website that includes all the community resources in San Mateo County.

The Peninsula Library System has books, movies, and resources in many languages.  They also have book clubs, speakers, and movie programs for people of all ages, and craft and story times for children.   If you need someone to help find you resources, call or visit the Public Library.  Librarians are ready to help you find information about anything. This is their job and they want to help you!


Here are more resources.  Use the pictures to help you find what you need. 

Community Resources  Community Resources

Family  Family Resources

House Housing Resources

Book  Education Resources

Tree Environment & Park Resources

Immigration Resources

icon car  Transportation Resources

Gavel  Legal Resources


The resources are listed in alphabetical order:

City of San Mateo  Many resources – check the list.  Community Resources

CORA helps victims of domestic abuse in San Mateo County.  Family  Gavel

County of San Mateo  Many resources – check the list.   Community Resources

CuriOddysey is a science and nature museum at Coyote Point just over the 101 freeway from the San Mateo Adult School.  CuriOddysey has the best Reciprocal Membership program around.  With a CuriOddysey membership, you can visit other museums or zoos for free or half-priceFamily   Tree

Department of Motor Vehicles.  Also check out DMV Youtube channel for videos in both English and Spanish about how to get a Driver’s License.  Be sure to check out DMV Answermanicon car   Transportation information.  Information about buses, Caltrain, BART, freeways, traffic, etc.  icon car

Hip Housing helps people in need of housing connect with people with rooms to rent.  House

Internet and Computers:  If you have children who participate in the free or reduced school lunch program, you can receive the Internet in your home for about $10 a month. For more information go to To see the site in Spanish, go to   Everyoneon is a resource that helps people find low cost Internet service and computer offers.

Immigration Information and Resources – a list of resources.  It is up-to-date with new information added all the time. 

Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County  Help with legal problems.  Gavel

Legal Help for Low-Income Immigrants in San Mateo County Area   Gavel

Neighbors Helping Neighbors – volunteer organization that helps with housing problems.  House

Nutrition Website from SMUHSD provides information about healthy eating, fitness, and the District breakfast and lunch programs.  Family

Resource List for Undocumented Immigrants – including scholarships  Gavel  Book 

Samaritan House helps people meet immediate basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, worker resources, and    counselingFamily   House

San Francisco Immigrant Legal & Education Network – SFILEN – is a network of 13 organizations which help immigrants. 

Faith in Action– San Francisco Organizing Project/Peninsula Interfaith Action – is a grassroots coalition of congregations and schools working to create solutions to the economic and racial injustices on the San Francisco Peninsula.   They can provide help or information about housing, evictions, etc..    House

San Mateo Residents for Renter Protection is part of SFOP/PIA.  House

San Mateo Parks and Recreation has many classes for people of all ages.   Family

Weather and other challenges – fire, flood, quake, drought, and rising seas – in CaliforniaTree

Water and Drought – the drought has brought cuts and price changes.  Read this blog post to understand drought in California, how you can save water, and the new water pricing system. Tree



Check out Sequoia Adult School’s Community Resource PageCommunity Resources  Sequoia Adult School is south of San Mateo Adult School.  Sequoia Adult School is a sister school to San Mateo Adult School in the San Mateo County Regional Consortium ACCEL.   Book