Summer 2017


Be prepared, when you’re asked “Do you know Word? PowerPoint?” to reply confidently: “Yes!”   These fast paced classes provide both concise instruction and detailed review for those needing a quick brush up in the Microsoft Office “Big 3.” With the challenges presented by the computerized office, the need for computer skills is greater than ever. Students who need more detailed instruction can enroll in Modern Office Technology, a daily, open entry class where you can learn at our own pace to the level of expertise you set for yourself. Or you can enroll in our full 18-night Excel sequence of classes beginning in September, or our 18-night Word sequence starting in January.

WORD ESSENTIALS           $65
Microsoft Word is the word processor of choice in the vast majority of businesses. In this overview class, you’ll learn the essentials: working efficiently with text, formatting, using tab and indent controls, printing and file management. You’ll create tables, templates, envelopes and labels. You’ll insert photos and graphics in a document. And you’ll learn tricks for working efficiently: navigating, selecting text, copying and pasting, and using multiple documents. 6 meetings. Be sure to bring a thumb drive.

SMAS – Mercury  Registration Deadline Thursday, 4/20
Section Day Time Instructor Dates Fees
061303 TTh 6:30 – 9:30 pm Mussell Cancelled $65


POWERPOINT ESSENTIALS                        $65
In our busy work world, everyone needs to know PowerPoint— to create slide presentations, or perhaps modify one that someone else created. In this class you’ll practice using a host of amazing slide techniques, learn tricks to entertain and involve your audience, and learn to avoid the pitfalls. No experience with slide show software is necessary, but a general familiarity with Windows software will help. 6 meetings. Be sure to bring a thumb drive.

SMAS – Mercury  Registration Deadline Thursday, 6/8
Section Day Time Instructor Dates Fees
065003 TTh 6:30 – 9:30 pm Mussell Cancelled $65


This class will help you prevent problems on your computer and protect your data. You’ll learn to choose, install and manage software to keep your computer trouble-free. Learn how to protect yourself from hackers, intrusions, malicious programs, spam, and identity theft. Learn how proper software maintenance can keep your computer secure and performing at its best. Learn when hardware and software upgrades/updates are appropriate. Also covered are issues, pro and con, associated with Cloud Computing. And finally, what to do, and what not to do, when encountering a computer problem. 4 meetings.

SMAS/Mercury Room Registration deadline Thursday, 7/6
Section Day Time Instructor Dates Fees
063403 TTh 6:30 – 9:30 pm Mussell 7/11 – 7/20 $55



Did you just buy a new computer with Windows 10? Did you just upgrade to Windows 10? Are you thinking about upgrading to Windows 10? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, this class will help you: prepare to move to Windows 10, configure it to suit your work style, solve problems that may have occurred during upgrade, and use tricks and shortcuts to streamline Windows 10. This hands-on class will enable you to prevent operating system problems, and to protect your computer with Windows 10’s robust security features. The second meeting will give you a chance to work out any kinks you may have encountered. Make Windows 10 a valuable work partner, and I dare say, your friend. You may wish to bring a thumb drive with you. 3 meetings.

SMAS/Mercury RoomRegistration deadline Thursday, 5/11
Section Day Time Instructor Dates Fees
067603 TTh 6:30 – 9:30 pm Mussell 5/16 – 5/23 $55



Use Photoshop Elements (an inexpensive but powerful alternative to Photoshop) to work magic on your photos. Analyze a photo from a technical and artistic standpoint; identify and correct a host of common photo problems; make amazing changes in your photos; create unique effects with filters; identify ways to improve your photography from the feedback during editing. This class is for anyone who wants to improve their photos, whether from a digital camera or scans from a vendor. Bring a bag lunch. 2 meetings. You may wish to bring a thumb drive with you.

SMAS/Mercury Room  Registration Deadline Thursday, 6/15
Section Day Time Instructor Dates Fees
066303 Sat 9 am – 3:30 pm Mussell Cancelled $65

Understanding the use of electronic flash can greatly improve your indoor and outdoor photographs. This class goes beyond your camera’s built-in flash and explores the potential offered by using one or more accessory flashes. After a review of exposure fundamentals, you will learn to set camera exposure settings (shutter, aperture, ISO) manually. You will also learn to use flash as a key (main) or a supplementary (fill) light, depending on the existing conditions. The use of gels when combining existing light with supplementary flash is also covered. Students will practice posing techniques for individuals and groups, along with tips on effective management of the session, and see a quick demonstration of the “ethical” applications of Photoshop. Whether you photograph family events or for an in-house publication, proper use of flash will improve the quality of your work. Add to this the “people skills” needed to manage the photo session, and everybody wins! The class is offered only to owners of Nikon DSLR cameras (Model Name starts with a “D”), and is limited to 10 students. 6 Monday meetings.

SMAS/Mercury Room Registration Deadline Thursday, 4/27
No class 5/29
Section Day Time Instructor Dates Fees
112503 M 6:30 – 8:30 pm Jung Cancelled $65