Summer 2017

Distance Learning  – Learn and Study English at Home  Click the link to see the Distance Learning blog
Learn English at home with ESL Distance Learning.  Students meet with a San Mateo Adult School teacher in Room 29 for 20 minutes every week or every other week.  At the meetings, the teacher assigns them a lesson program and helps them improve their English.  At home, students study with DVD lessons and homework.  Call  650 – 558 – 2128 to make an appointment to get started.  These classes are free.

Grammar for ESL/TOEFL – Ed2Go   
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This 6-week online course includes in-depth analysis of English grammar for intermediate to advanced English as Second Language college students. Structure of Standard English is explored in order to prepare the learner for regular mainstream English classes. Topics include a review of all tenses, the use of modals, the adjective clause, the noun clause, the adverb clause, phrases, count and non-count nouns and some English terms. The course is designed to provide students ample opportunities to apply their knowledge to their particular areas of study throughout college and beyond. As one of the required courses in most college ESL programs to transfer to mainstream English or to transfer to a university, this course establishes a foundation for continuous learning and serves as a complement to other courses the student may be taking or will take.  These classes are not free.

Job Skills – Ed2Go 
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Prepare a resume, practice good job search strategies, enhance your leadership skills, take business courses to enhance skills to start your own small business or certificate programs to improve your employability, acquire basic managerial skills or show off your talents effectively. 

This class is not free.

Personal Finance – Ed2Go 
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Take charge of your finances by eliminating debt and good planning. Learn how to safely save and invest your hard-earned money. These are some of our most popular online courses.   This class is not free.

Computer & Personal Enrichment Courses – Ed2Go 
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Take one or two classes to learn about the internet, computers, financial planning or debt elimination… or prepare for your SAT or ACT! These classes start once a month and follow a set schedule. Assignments are given twice a week.


Writing Courses – Ed2Go      Click the link to find out more about the class, enroll, and pay the fee
Learn the secret to getting published with our growing collection of writing courses taught by experienced professionals.