ESL (English As a Second Language)
If English is your second language and you’re headed to college, this course will teach you the principles of grammar and structure you’ll need to succeed.


The Adult Learning Center, or ALC, is an individualized, self-paced study center where adult students can complete coursework toward the high school diploma or their general equivalency degree (GED).


This introductory, hands-on Video class will teach you how to put video into the computer to add special effects, transitions, titles, music and narration. If you want to create home videos or express the artist in you, this class will help you get started.


This course prepares ESL students for the citizenship exam, acquaints them with U.S. culture and institutions and helps them make use of local community resources


Learn effective job search techniques that can help you get a job! This class provides instruction, support, coaching and counseling for persons seeking employment. Students will learn to complete job applications, write cover letters and resumes.


Brush up your Office 2010 Suite skills. Learn at your own pace on how to use Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and QuickBooks 2014.


Distance Learning may be the answer! Your Pronunciation, grammar, listening, writing and reading improvement! You can study at home with DVD’s and special homework. In Distance Learning, you meet with a teacher – morning, afternoon or evenings – borrow DVD’s and get homework. You can study in Distance Learning if you take an ESL class or if you don’t. Both ways are okay. Distance Learning is very good for busy people and ESL students who want to do extra study at home.



Achieve greater confidence and become more easily understood by native speakers. You will be amazed by how quickly you can improve your American English pronunciation. Good pronunciation will open many new doors.



This 6-week online course includes in-depth analysis of English grammar for intermediate to advanced English as Second Language college students. Structure of Standard English is explored in order to prepare the learner for regular mainstream English classes. Topics include a review of all tenses, the use of modals, the adjective clause, the noun clause, the adverb clause, phrases, count and non-count nouns and some English terms. The course is designed to provide students ample opportunities to apply their knowledge to their particular areas of study throughout college and beyond. As one of the required courses in most college ESL programs to transfer to mainstream English or to transfer to a university, this course establishes a foundation for continuous learning and serves as a complement to other courses the student may be taking or will take.