San Mateo Adult School Teachers are represented by California Federation of Teachers Local 4681.



Local 4681 Executive Council:

President:  Bruce Neuberger

Vice President:  David Doneff

Treasurer:  Deep Bhullar

Secretary:  Cynthia Eagleton   (Contact Cynthia for minutes of recent meetings)




New Next meeting:  To be scheduled to discuss and vote on ratifying result from negotiations.

Last general meeting was Feb 16th.  Minutes were sent via email.


Contract and Negotiations

Contract:  Hit this link to see our current contract.

Negotiations Team:  Lead: Katherine Leiban, Lily Adlewan, Kelly Rozmus Underwood, President Bruce Neuberger, Vice President David Doneff


Recent actions:

May 2016 Letter to Legislators asking for 250 million in additional funding for Adult Education

Resolutions written and passed by Local 4681:

Resolution for Increased Democracy in CFT – February 2017

Resolution on Immigrant Rights and Against Deportations

Resolution to Ensure that Adult Education Exists in Best and Fullest Capacity 

Justice for Mario Woods and Other Victims of Police Violence

November 2016 Donated $200 to AFT 3267 Local in support of Measure T campaign – more school funding in their district.

December 2016 Wrote letter in support of District Student Rights Protection Resolutoin to SMUHSD School Board



Resolutions helped to pass:

CFT Adult Education Commission approved a modified version of our “Ensure that Adult Education Exists in Best and Fullest Capacity ” resolution.  This resolution was taken to the CFT State Convention, presented by Vice President David Doneff and passed by the CFT State Convention on March 12, 2016.   Read the resolution here.


Legislation endorsed:

AB1846 – bill for 250 million additional dollars for Adult Education


Local issues:

President Bruce Neuberger spoke at the April 4, 2016 San Mateo City Council meeting about the bannerimpact of the local housing crisis on staff and students.

Sept 22, 2016 –  CFT Local 4681 endorsed Measure Q in San Mateo and Measure R in Burlingame – rent stabilization and just cause eviction measures.

October, 2016 – CFT Local 4681 voted to give $600 to the fund drive for the SMAS Student Leadership Team presentation at the AAACE National Conference in New Mexico in November, 2016.

October 27th, 2016 – CFT Local 4681 hosted a rally for Measures Q and R.

November 21, 2016 – Bruce Neuburger spoke at the San Mateo City Council Meeting about the importance of standing up for immigrants and others.


Upcoming Events:



Some of CFT Local 4681 Members in their red Adult Education Matters t-shirts.

Some of CFT Local 4681 Members in their red Adult Education Matters t-shirts.