Spring 2017

Class Fee:  Ages 65 & over: $45;50-64: $66; Under 50: $87
Stay informed! Connect with other mature adults who enjoy engaging in thought-provoking conversations about the world in which we live. Adult school teacher and writer, Tim Simmers prepares new topics weekly for discussion. Topics range from local, national and international news events to health care, environmental issues, and compelling sports events. Keep your mind sharp through engagement. Learn something novel, sit back, listen and observe or explore your ideas and share your thoughts. Your opinion matters! (No Class 4/4, 4/5) 

San Bruno Recreation Center
Class Fee:  Ages 65 & over: $45; 50-64: $66; Under 50: $87
Section Day Time Instructor Dates Fees
080213 T 1:30 – 3 pm Simmers 1/10 – 4/18 $45/$66/$87


San Bruno Senior Center
Class Fee:  Ages 65 & over: $45; 50-64: $66; Under 50: $87
Section Day Time Instructor Dates Fees
080218 W 1 – 2:30 pm Simmers 1/11 – 4/19 $45/$66/$87


Class Fee:   Ages 65 and older: $50; 50-64: $71; 49 and younger: $92

New Class! Join James Patten as he reports compelling, important and sometimes humorous newsworthy events of the day, every Monday. Followed by a look back at the headlines from that very date forty, and thirty years ago. Share your thoughts on today’s news and contribute what you recall about past headlines that created history and shaped our world.

San Mateo Senior Center
Section Day Time Instructor Dates Fees
 220702  M   10 – 11:30 am  Patten   8/29 – 12/19   $50/$71/$92


During this 10-week course attendees will review components of basic genealogy, become acquainted with various web sites as resource, and acquire helpful research tips. Weekly presentations will provide you with up to date information available for the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, and other countries of specific interest to class members. Time is allotted during class for students to explore online resources using computers provided. On occasion, members of the class share progress, interesting “finds” or perhaps “brick walls” encountered while researching their family tree. Your instructor, Inge Harding-Barlow, is chief genealogist at the Family History Library in Menlo Park. Inge has taught International  Genealogy for over 20 years, visits overseas archives each year and actively researches international family history and family trees, including 30+ groups from her own family, with some trees going back to the 1500s. Class members are encouraged to set up a 90 minute individual consult on their genealogical “brick walls” with Inge at Family History Library in Menlo Park. Please schedule appointments directly with Inge.

SMAS/Mercury Room
Section Day Time Instructor Dates Fees
223311 Th 8:45 – 11:15 am H-Barlow 1/12 – 3/16 $70/$70/$70


Class Fee: Ages 65 & over: $70;50-64: $90; Under 50: $100

Get all the tips, support and encouragement you need to finally put those memories to paper. Whether it’s your story or your family’s that you want to record, this fun and supportive class will help you do it. The only “experience” required is having lived past fifty! Whether you would like to work on memoir, creative non-fiction, fiction, or personal essays, come spend a few hours a week in a reflective class that will sharpen your writing skills.

San Mateo Senior Center
Class Fee:  Ages 65 & over: $75;50-64: $95; Under 50: $105 (Facility/Administration fee included)
Section Day Time Instructor Dates Fees
080705 W 1 – 3:30 pm Lieban 1/11 – 3/29 $75/$95/$105
080706 F 1 – 3:30 pm Lieban 1/13 – 3/31 $75/$95/$105