The Benefits of Lifelong Learning for Adults 50-plus

The pursuit of knowledge through lifelong learning — whether it’s learning how to dance, speak a foreign language, write a newsletter, improve your golf swing, or repair your car — has wonderful benefits for adults 50-plus:

  • Keeps your mind sharp
  • Improves memory
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Offers an inexpensive way to try something new
  • Saves money as you learn to “do it yourself”
  • Gives you a feeling of accomplishment
  • Helps you meet people who share your interests
  • Builds on skills you already have
  • Offers an opportunity to learn a new skill or trade and increase your income
  • Gives you a new interest that you can share with family and friends

Where to Find Lifelong Learning Resources

Lifelong learning classes (also called continuing education or adult education) are offered by San Mateo Adult School.  They are also offered by community colleges, public universities, and trade/technical schools, and Parks and Recreation Centers.

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